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Since 1971, Phasemaster® has been the worldwide leading brand in three phase rotary converters.

3 Phase for pivot irrigation


Our Mission & Vision

3 Phase for pivot irrigation
Phasemaster® the trusted phase converter of OEM
Phasemaster’s® purpose is to empower all to make the most of 3PH power while saving on 3PH kW monthly and 3PH installation costs from the utility. At Phasemaster®, we call this 3 Phase For All

We are a team of professionals with decades of combined experience.

We do not engage in any activity that would divert our attention from the serious business of helping our customers operate three-phase equipment from a single-phase source.

A rotary three phase converter is the most reliable, least expensive way to run your 3-phase equipment.

Phasemaster is the worldwide industry brand leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing single-phase to three-phase electrical power converters.

If you call or email Phasemaster® for a phase converter sizing recommendation for your application, we guarantee our recommendation is the proper size phase converter.  If we undersized your application, we will replace the phase converter with the correct size unit.  We pay all the shipping back and forth, you just have to pay the difference.  Of course, we need your help.  Our rotary phase converter recommendation is based on us having all the correct information about your application.

Sales & Tech Support

We solve three phase problems all day, all week.

Woodworking 3PH Converters

Batching your work? Adding a dust collecter. Running multiple machines? Our Sunwood USA division helps solve all your workshop three phase power needs.

Restaurant 3PH Converters

Cooking up a new set-up for your kitchen. Our Blue Prince division will help you find, sources, and power our 3PH restaurant equipment.

Argicultural 3PH Converters

Whether pivot irrigation, grain bin dryers, lift elevators, or another agricultural application. Our AgPhase™ division is here to guide you every step of the way.

Got A Three Phase Problem?

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